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The World Needs More Pat Plazek’s

June 20, 2015

Crowdfunding initiative for Vancouver man with leukemia raises nearly $100,000 in five days
A family/childhood friend died last Tuesday of cancer. Kinda heartbroken to hear about this. I don’t normally discuss news about my family on the internet, nor childhood or family friends. This is the exception. Hoping that raising awareness about cancer will *inspire other people to seek help and medical support.

You can read more in this article from the Georgia Straight, or watch the video below.

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Try New Things

June 10, 2015

Sure, talent and intelligence are important, but they’re also grossly overvalued. More important is a willingness and mindset to push against the unknown and talk yourself into taking action.

We all have self-imposed limitations. We all have stories that we tell about ourselves—to ourselves—that are true only because we make them true.
We look up to others who do things the way we wish we could do them and respect that they didn’t limit themselves. But we have a hard time making the connection between admiring them for something and making the same changes ourselves.

Next time you assume that you could never do something, challenge it.

The only thing stopping you right now could be the story you’re telling yourself. Stop what you’re doing and duke out that limiting belief until you come to a conclusion that’s based more on reality or tested actions instead of assumptions.”

via I Could Never by Paul Jarvis

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Every Summer Has It’s Own Story

June 1, 2015

Macbook Pro Workspace May 2015


Every so often I take a little vacation away from our city of Vancouver and inhabitants of the friendly neighbourhoods: wandering away at the Tofino beaches, resting in mountaintop cities, and hiking in forests with friends. My Holocene (macbook pro), especially, follows me everywhere that I travel and is a never-ending source of creativity. Hope that you enjoy these lovely summertime *inspo* designs for your desktop, too!

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