Chinatown walkabout

There is a reason why we agreed to pursue a relationship together.

We fell in love.

But there was more to the bond we created, than a surge of emotions and mutual understanding. Undertaking to create and maintain a bond between two individuals, whether romantically inclined or platonic-bound, is never the easy task. Which was why I delayed committing myself to a relationship with serious intent in my early-mid twenties. There was something that I was searching for, and always found lacking, in nearly-almost each person I met.

That is, there was an obligation, a self-belief, that our future livelihood would contribute to a legacy for humanity.

Every action, every intention that we imposed on ourselves and on our relationships with others, would contribute to a much larger goal that would reach fruition if, perhaps, not in our lifetime, then in our children’s children’s lifetime. Centuries of thoughts and idea-driven purpose continues to shape our existence today, the results of merging the schools of philosophy and reason, if not within the last hundred years, then at least, the last several hundred thousand years.

There is a much larger shift that is ongoing in the world, if not only environmentally, and politically between different countries, but in our relationships, in the way we perceive ourselves. Thoughts.

For, as you know and as I know, though we rarely admit the fact to ourselves, people eventually die, objects erode and decay. Someday, in a relatively short amount of time, everyone that you know and love and have met will be dead. It will be as if these people and also, our selves, never were, and with no one to remember, never will be, perhaps. It is a large idea to comprehend. To do this, we will think of our ancestors and our friend’s ancestors and their ancestor’s ancestors, as distantly as they were once also occupying the earth (as we think of the civilizations) that have occurred before us. Essentially, we eventually lose that individuality that we share with the people in our lives. We disappear.

Ideas and thoughts, however, will continue for as long as the human mind continues to exists.

That above sentence is one of the most important string of words to me.
And I have finally met someone who shares a similar goal.

To sum up everything in this blog post in one short sentence:

I wish to look back on my life at death, and realize that I have not lived in vain.

Life is like a Boat, Rie Fu