• Spent NYE on a boat cruise around False Creek
  • White Elephant party at Jason Sander’s
  • Fell in love with Mulberry
  • Winter semester at the SFU Surrey campus
  • HTML5 Meetup feat. Dave Shea

white elephantadrift#ponybrown #organized#fromwhereistand
#sfu html5 vancouver meetup canvas edition


  • Illuminate Yaletown photowalk with Rob Liv
  • working on IAT312 Interactive Design Narratives projects
  • building a fashionable spring wardrobe
  • enjoying the foggy weather at SFU Burnaby
  • TouchPoint conference at SIAT
  • Surrey Central Rooftop photoshoot with Rob White

ILLUMINATE YALETOWN 2012 reading material *spring florals ** Complexity: A Guided Tour (Melanie Mitchell)
#touchpointconf PANEL number 2 #touchpointconf Untitled



  • springtime at SFU Surrey campus
  • shopping for a summer wardrobe
  • pyanska egg painting party at Andrew Haw’s
  • noticing the spring colours everywhere
  • attending the SFU Surrey’s Open House

some kind of wonderful free food, bread garden catering ~ * springtime floralPhoto 2012-03-11 1 08 20 AM Eastertime Pysanka Laboratory and invisible travellers #sfu workspace lately
SFU Surrey Open House 10th year Anniversary
SFU Surrey Open House 10th year Anniversary
Glass Box Gallery (room 3400)



  • cherry blossom sakura photowalk at UBC with Rob Liv
  • dim sum luncheons and desserts
  • ongoing shopping for a summer wardrobe

aerie grand dynasty flower petal desserts


  • photography business cards arrived from Facebook
  • shopping focus shifted to accessories, beauty products
  • main street shopping trip with Jenny Thai
  • simplifying my wallet, necessities

moo print*d business cards relax~~ shopping* at Daiso!  spring-summer fashion*shop at Joe Fresh! (rain... rocky necklace mini*-mizing my large wallet lately to... spring has sprung ~** Untitled Untitled colour blocking  tangerine + blue


  • Whytecliff Park photowalk
  • English Bay ‘bunny focus’ photowalk
  • dressing up inbetween summer-spring
  • working on IAT 313 Game Design Methods projects

Whytecliff Park jumping photoshoot cc: Rob Liv! Untitled Untitledbunny wabbits leaf carpet Ant-Lion Revised Game - Paper Prototype!