Rain in Chinatown

I think I’ve finally reached the secret to a simple, stress-free life: by being antisocial.

While it’s also an important fact that we should cultivate quality over quantity in matters of relationships, I don’t think it’s really quite possible to meet with the same group of people (or person) every week with. So far, there has only been one person at this point that I can keep up with on a regular weekly basis.

The only people that I’m meeting with on a daily basis are my immediate family that I live with, and my (alternating half-weekly) 2 bosses. On that note, the only person that I’m meeting with on a regular weekly basis is my boyfriend & the only person that I’m meeting with on a regular monthly basis is my mentor.

Concerning everyone else in my life, I am probably meeting with on a yearly, or half yearly basis. It’s quite difficult accommodating so many schedules! However, I do tend to schedule meetings with different friends every week or two weeks or so. And if I want to go to an event, I just go by myself. I do spend an extraordinary amount of time on reading articles and books, thinking of ideas and taking walks in the park, so it’s quite a occupied mental space at times, too.

I think it’s a nice life, if you can reach this point.