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Chasing the Waves

iPhone 2014 January 1

Just a little visual reminder  of the Most Important Things To Focus on a Daily Basis.

  • iMessages (instant communication with a phone number or email address)
  • Agenda 3 (time management and instant on-the-moment scheduling for meetings)
  • Simplenote (write it down quickly without waiting for the app to load or messy keyboard)

Thus far, the 2014 year is the feeling of standing on the shore and watching, the tidal waves ebbing at your feet slowly, slowly ever growing into a large tsunami: will it overreach my head, submerge my conscious ideals into the depths.. or, at least, build a large enough wave that you can comfortably hang ten on while surfing?

I Dream of Astrophysics

I dream of AstroPhysics

Type type Hello 2014.

New Year’s Eve is the beginning of a night wistfully chasing stars, constellations and satellites.

Since two years ago, on a boat cruise quietly bobbing up and down on False Creek, these end of december and wintertime celebrations have forgone the social aspects and are spent at home, mostly pigging out on several varieties of cheesecake, leftover chocolate candy and the occasional slices of baked ham or two, bits from cheese platters and sparkling cider.

New Year’s Day, however, is the beginning of a lifetime of chasing intrepid adventures.

iPhone 2014 January 1

Sea Change

The Happiness project

Our New Year’s resolutions for a better lifestyle should not be only limited to a seasonal tradition. Instead, our attention should be directed towards the integration of a series of healthy patterns of behaviours and habits, that would minimize our levels of health-related stress, toxic relationships, financial debt and so forth, in order that we would regain our internal locus of control, and subsequently be relieved of the unrealistic expectations and negativity.

Keeping this in mind has been my personal set of resolutions for 2013, and to achieve this goal I’ve been following the Zen Habits blog’s 52 Changes guidebook, the Sea Change program, and rereading avidly Gretchen’s The Happiness Project (temporarily on loan to a friend in need), for the entirety of this past year.