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Leaves of Grass

“I travel full-time, moving to a new country every four months.”
Colin Wright (The Exile Lifestyle)

Access and Reconstruct


There has been an increase in simplicity in my lifestyle since the festive new year’s beginnings. Unexpected but not unwelcome, the weight of time chafes uncomfortably with the original ‘must-adhere to’ schedule for the remainder of 2014. As a result, shuffling this boatload quantity of hourglass sand grains into little tugboats coursing through the river of time has preoccupied thoughtful reveries instead of writing.

Sections of time has been set aside for explorations of secondhand bookstores, those old-fashioned hideaway that appeal to old-time loyal authors and budding writers, and are often a trove of discovery. A bookstores that fulfils the stereotype of being filled with no-notions of organization among the shelves and towering piles, appealing to navigation of wayward feet and latent skills jenga blocks to select one or two curious titles.

For the first few weeks of 2014, several well-worn and binding hard book cover designs are an evolving set of bedtime paramour. These have consisted of a devouring at a rapid pace of a la Cloud Atlas diet, pausing in-between pages of Thoreau’s Walden, and shuffling through the What Katy Did series of old century european travels to the American mindset. As a reminder of the human condition of foils and struggles of morality, the latest to add to the cozy home book collection are Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven.


Chasing the Waves

iPhone 2014 January 1

Just a little visual reminder  of the Most Important Things To Focus on a Daily Basis.

  • iMessages (instant communication with a phone number or email address)
  • Agenda 3 (time management and instant on-the-moment scheduling for meetings)
  • Simplenote (write it down quickly without waiting for the app to load or messy keyboard)

Thus far, the 2014 year is the feeling of standing on the shore and watching, the tidal waves ebbing at your feet slowly, slowly ever growing into a large tsunami: will it overreach my head, submerge my conscious ideals into the depths.. or, at least, build a large enough wave that you can comfortably hang ten on while surfing in Hawaii?

I Dream of Astrophysics

I dream of AstroPhysics

Type type Hello 2014.

New Year’s Eve is the beginning of a night wistfully chasing stars, constellations and satellites.

Since two years ago, on a boat cruise quietly bobbing up and down on False Creek, these end of december and wintertime celebrations have forgone the social aspects and are spent at home, mostly pigging out on several varieties of cheesecake, leftover chocolate candy and the occasional slices of baked ham or two, bits from cheese platters and sparkling cider.

New Year’s Day, however, is the beginning of a lifetime of chasing intrepid adventures.

iPhone 2014 January 1

Sea Change

The Happiness project

Our New Year’s resolutions for a better lifestyle should not be only limited to a seasonal tradition. Instead, our attention should be directed towards the integration of a series of healthy patterns of behaviours and habits, that would minimize our levels of health-related stress, toxic relationships, financial debt and so forth, in order that we would regain our internal locus of control, and subsequently be relieved of the unrealistic expectations and negativity.

Keeping this in mind has been my personal set of resolutions for 2013, and to achieve this goal I’ve been following the Zen Habits blog’s 52 Changes guidebook, the Sea Change program, and rereading avidly Gretchen’s The Happiness Project (temporarily on loan to a friend in need), for the entirety of this past year.

Just a brief interruption

the old royal city

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Downright like a ghost town on the American western prairies, those that were once filled with unsettling memories of gold-crazy pioneers (unlike in Canada, their whereabouts mostly haunt the western coast of northern BC). Criminals of society, quick get-rich! schemes, hungry prospectors and those corner of your eyes seen-dwellers of society’s fringes, inhabitants with corrupt morals beyond modern cultural norms and lack of comprehension toward government laws. Yesssir, in this blog it’s been a case of the West Egg vs East Egg.


When People Ask Me About Relationships

Cyborg Camp Vancouver via iPhone

There are the insurmountable questions from friends, strangers, relatives and co-workers on the topics of marriage, relationships and dating that I have never fully understood, either as an unapproachable high schoolgirl dumpling, an in-between melting pot of curiosity during college days and university, or now that I’ve been in a steady relationship with an amazing guy for over a year.

It has always been a puzzling notion that if (or when) a person is single, or attractive (sometimes, rarely this is both) that the human brain is pop-culturally wired to snap, crackle and pop in such a pattern to oft, then, erroneously be placed in a category as per the following:

  • is available for dating
  • interested in a relationship

The most important point that I stress is this: if this person wanted to date you, you would be dating by now.

Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl

Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl #17

Exploring the workspaces of a creator is akin to understanding the mental structural foundation of a creative mind. At the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl, whether it may be an individual skilled in the Fine Arts (a la Jerome in Art School Confidential), a technician trained in the older industries of Industrial processes (paper-making, Glass-ceramic-to-metal sealsGlass-to-metal seal) and Manufacturing (metalwork, woodworking, 3D printing, garment and textiles), these workspaces remain one and the same in their creation, upon its completion. (more…)

You Never Stop Learning

Welcome to XOXO!

Back in September I went to the states to spend a few sunny days in Portland, OR. I was there to attend XOXO Festival Conference, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art & technology. The event was four days in total: 2 days for the festival and 2 days for the conference, which was not half a bad idea considering the global mindset of networking, drinking beer, visiting local design and music venues, and building ‘interesting ideas and interactions’ with other attendees towards global conferences of late. Officially, XOXO originated as a Kickstarter-funded event, organized by Andy Baio (Wax Pancake, Waxy.org) & Andy McMillan (Build Conf, The Manual), and as of this post, XOXO is now two years in the running.

Jason, John and I drove in a car together for a 6 hour roadtrip enroute from Vancouver, BC to Portland, OR. I was a little stunned that landscape inbetween was field with pastures of sheep, lolling bovines, working farm horses, scattered hens and an occasional peacock. Seattle’s downtown core and urban sprawl was also a little intimidating, for who knows what sort of Seinfield-esque stories still lurk in the city streets and whirling highways?

The first night of the ‘night before the Festival Conference’ consisted of brief introductions at the Green Dragon pub, hosted by Scott (Laughing Squid) where I tried on a pair of Google Glasses and later initiated a dancing party at the nightclub, Holoscene, nearby. Was extremely grateful that I had a local friend’s sofa-bed to relax upon when I dragged myself home in the early hours of the morning.

After an excellent keynote, several new and old friends and I wandered to Panic’s Open House which featured retro package game design arcade Panic! apps, tiki beverages, katamari damacy plushies & secret bar rooms, Metafilter’s freeplay arcade at Ground Kontrol where Jason and I skipped to Dance Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME, and tackled the other arcade games of Mortal Kombat, Pac Man, and a series of Pinball armageddon, Wieden+Kennedy’s rooftop party of multi-color tents, wine tastes of rose with colorfuly coded snacks , all of which were assiduously archived via iPhone photos that I was constantly uploading during the event!

But the best part of the Social was at the Yu Theatre, exploring the modern indie gaming scene, “with a focus on experimental multiplayer games, and meet the designers who made them”, especially the creator of Diesel Sweeties, Richard Stevens and Eliot Phillips from Engadget!  I also loved listening for the first time to Jonathan Coulton and Anamanaguichi that same evening at Holoscene. Day 3 and 4 of the conference, soon!

Amber Case  posted a really amazing video where you can watch Amanaguichi, vis Google Glass,  featured below :)

Welcome to XOXO!

Welcome to XOXO! (more…)