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October 23, 2014

Vancouver Opera (Carmen)

A few weeks ago the Queen Elizabeth Theatre had a matinée performance of Georges Bizet’s Carmen, sung in French with English subtitles hanging above the curtains on a digital screen that was impossible to ignore.

The seats that my friend reserved for us were on the second storey, perfect acoustics.

Opera singing is beautiful, the costumes were flamboyant, the plot devices were bold and dramatic (considering their historical context and time-period), and interactions were a reminder that familiarity reaches from different depths.

This was my second Opera performance, the first experience reserved for the Tragédie en musique of Giacomo Puccin’s Madame Butterfly.


On Work

October 15, 2014

the seagull

I’m experimenting with not-office office-work spaces again. Poised at my keyboard, at a tiny round table in crowded coffee shops downtown, with the heady aroma of coffee beans and cheesecake distracting me; lounging on a plush seat in the downtown campus in a deserted lecture hall, with a pair of headphones, a sketchbook, and black-rimmed glasses.

Another favourite place I’ve been haunting lately is sitting at my assigned workspace in the Mozilla Headquarters, listening to the chit chat murmur of conversations from different minds and faces that I’m still assigning to names.

More often though, I’ll lace up my sneakers and hop on the mountain bicycle that used to belong to my little brother in elementary school, and cycle down to the local forest-park with a Macbook Air in a backpack, watching squirrels jumping between branches in the horse-chestnut trees.

We have a peaked rooftop covering our balcony at home, too, and a pretty large backyard for a 1920s home in a suburban neighbourhood. It’s a nice place to work on windy and rainy autumn days. But working at home means that I would have less time to ride my bicycle.

I would tell you what I’m working on but I’m still developing my elevator pitch.

On Gratitude

October 13, 2014

The Cranes

I’ve been thinking a lot about the spirit of gratitude this year. In children’s literature, it was about having an optimistic outlook while you were working along with the undeserved (or subconsciously self-inflicting) adversities of the day-to-day. Adjusting your mental scope was a necessary part of life.

I am overflowing with gratitude for all the amazing experiences of 2014. Just little things that I do every day that lead to a bigger, fulfilling experience or the large-scale events that takes weeks and weeks to occur. I’m happy with that.

Sometimes it happens that I forget how to feel happy. Instead, feeling sad or frustrated that things or people aren’t functioning in fit with my expectations, and that’s okay. Just feel it happening as if you’re a third-party observer, and letting go of the emotion or thought like it’s a speed-racing cotton fluffy cloud in the blue skies overhead, which you wouldn’t have noticed anyways. (more…)

On Thanks and Giving

October 13, 2014


We’re a family that practices Thanksgiving every day of the year. It’s a nice tradition. The official holiday is a reason to cook delicious food and turkey. Nom.

I remember spending summer holidays with my mother’s brother and his family in Seattle. They later moved to the California deserts where my cousins have a larger crop of in-laws on the mother’s side of the family. Our extended family and in-laws are happily living in Thailand, so I’ve never seen them.

Sometimes, this holiday is about family. In my house, it’s also about food. My little brother and I have our annual traditions surrounding the turkey carving and preparations: baking the apple pies, banana bread and cookie desserts from scratch, scooping tomatoes preserves from the summer garden’s harvests, dancing vibrations with the homemade bread in the miniature bread machine, and, my favourite, the fluffily mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce.

I am doubly grateful for all the blessings I have received, and the amazing people and wonderful experiences that have occurred since 2014 began. (more…)

Cat’s out of the bag

October 7, 2014

Mozilla Foundation and Hive Labs NYC
Hive Labs NYC

Surprise! I am now a Educational Curriculum Design Intern with Mozilla Foundation and Hive Labs Vancouver (Hive Learning Network) for the remainder of 2014 :)

I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity to work alongside with the Mozilla Foundation, Webmaker, and Hive Learning Network community, in addition to contributing to the Web Literacy project.

Chasing the Waves

January 4, 2014

iPhone 2014 January 1

Just a little visual reminder  of the Most Important Things To Focus on a Daily Basis.

  • iMessages (instant communication with a phone number or email address)
  • Agenda 3 (time management and instant on-the-moment scheduling for meetings)
  • Simplenote (write it down quickly without waiting for the app to load or messy keyboard)

Thus far, the 2014 year is a feeling of standing on the shore and watching, the tidal waves ebbing at your feet slowly, slowly ever growing into a large tsunami: will it overreach my head, submerge my conscious ideals into the depths.. or, at least, build a large enough wave that you can comfortably hang ten on while surfing?

I Dream of Astrophysics

January 2, 2014

I dream of AstroPhysics

Type type Hello 2014.

New Year’s Eve is the beginning of a night wistfully chasing stars, constellations and satellites.

Since two years ago, on a boat cruise quietly bobbing up and down on False Creek, these end of december and wintertime celebrations have forgone the social aspects and are spent at home, mostly pigging out on several varieties of cheesecake, leftover chocolate candy and the occasional slices of baked ham or two, bits from cheese platters and sparkling cider.

New Year’s Day, however, is the beginning of a lifetime of chasing intrepid adventures.

iPhone 2014 January 1

Sea Change

December 31, 2013

The Happiness project

Our New Year’s resolutions for a better lifestyle should not be only limited to a seasonal tradition. Instead, our attention should be directed towards the integration of a series of healthy patterns of behaviours and habits, that would minimize our levels of health-related stress, toxic relationships, financial debt and so forth, in order that we would regain our internal locus of control, and subsequently be relieved of the unrealistic expectations and negativity.

Keeping this in mind has been my personal set of resolutions for 2013, and to achieve this goal I’ve been following the Zen Habits blog’s 52 Changes guidebook, the Sea Change program, and rereading avidly Gretchen’s The Happiness Project (temporarily on loan to a friend in need), for the entirety of this past year.